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Linen on Canvas Board

12 x 16 in.

So, I finally decided to try Linen. Loved the way it felt painting on. After being given the Pochade Box, I needed panels to paint on that fit inside.

First I tried Gessobord. I didn’t get the results I wanted. I then ordered a three pack to give it a try. I am impressed about the quality of this panel.

It did take me awhile to get used to no bounce like the stretched canvas, although it’s like riding a bike. When I began painting, I would mount a canvas on a board and stretch it later. I never gave it much thought about which way I put it on my easel. Portrait or landscape was all I needed to decide. But now....

As you can’t see because the photo isn’t cooperating 😂 I painted on panel upside down.

I’m still more comfortable using my easel, but the Pochade is great for carrying wet paint! ( and extra supplies)

Finally got the photo from being upside down! I thought it was only me! Try the other again.

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