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Best Snow Day

Yesterday was one of those snow days. iIt showers a bit, but never really accumulates to much before getting washed away.

I started my day by opening my studio doors and beginning a painting of a vase with flowers. Flowers are not my usual subject matter; however, I knew I needed to create on for an ipcoming show I want to enter.

After finishing this piece, a message went to a friend just to see what she thought. She really liked it, and probably more then I did. With her advice, I created a second painting as I dare not touch the first one!

The second one will be used for a painting party.

As far as the first one, it is receiving pretty good response so far. It has an interested buyer. Or maybe it will be entered into the MAC The Art of the Flower Show. Either way, it was a very productive day!

# I Love Snow Days!

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