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Rain, rain, go away

There’s really not much you can do about Mother Nature. I was planning on attending a Paint-Out this weekend. Yesterday I was completely packed with all my supplies, set my gps, got into my car and began to drive. Within seconds, the rain began to drizzle. Thinking, I’ve done this rodeo before. What do I want to do? So using my smartphone, I looked up radar for where I was headed. It did not look good. The rain was to last until noon. I looked up at the sky seeing the darkness in the direction I was headed, and it was then that I decided to turn around and go home.

The rain did clear out for the afternoon and I was disappointed that I wasn’t there, but there will be other opportunities to Paint out in much more desirable conditions.

Today just happens not not to be one of them. So, I’ll remain in my studio exploring new techniques and styles, (which really is just playing) like I did yesterday. Nothing to show, but I learned a lot and understand more.

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